Combine Japanese philosophy with your desires at Tokyo Sushi – Bolshaya Nikitskaya's flagship restaurant
We see beauty in simplicity, bringing to light the already perfect.
Natural materials, genuine colors, light installations, panoramic windows and air - nothing is superfluous. 60 guests in the main room and the opportunity to create your own atmosphere in a secluded room for 8 people.
The menu is exclusive to fresh fish and seafood. The main focus is on sushi and rolls. But don't limit your imagination and your own curiosity: our menu is equally impressive for appetizers, hot meals, soups and Raw - just a few positions per section so that the selection process does not distract from the main things.
And every summer we enliven Bolshaya Nikitskaya with a small cosy veranda.
In the gastronomic program also regularly updated special - stress seasonality, share our inspiration and help refresh your feelings.
The wine and bar menu continues the general ambiance
Signature cocktails (including "no sin" variations) include only natural ingredients, homemade cordials and an exquisite interaction of flavors. But the first sip tells the story better than the words.
The sake menu introduces guests to various variations on the classics, a variety of traditional fruit specialties and contributes to creating a harmonious gastropair with the main menu.
The wine list focuses on white wines: juicy, ringing and crispy wines. Luminous Riesling from Rheinhessen and Rheingau, Gruners from Wachau and Loire Sauvignon.
The iconic and much-loved Louis Roederer in its refined version and the recoltans, which prioritise organic viticulture and the creation of a terroir Champagne.
Pure flavors, subtle settings - we delicately add art to every culinary image to make it memorable.
The restaurant’s design by Archpoint corporate group conveys the culture of minimalism in a Japanese way and immerses you in wabi-sabi aesthetics
Moscow Bolshaya Nikitskaya streer bld. 22/2
Mon - Sun 12:00 tо 00:00
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© 2018 TOKIOSUSHIBAR. All rights reserved
ИНН 7704336779